¡Nopasaran! Vinegar Syndrome , 2014. Film still
¡Nopasaran! Vinegar Syndrome , 2014. Film still

Credits & Acknowledgements

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Luiz Guilherme Vergara

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Jessica Gogan

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Sabrina Curi

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Caroline Bellomo

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3rd Issue: Publicness in Art

Cover Images
José Lourenço. Pavão Misterioso (mysterious peacock), wood engraving, 2014. Phot: Rafael Adorján.
Ancient Roman Coin (Augustus 19 AC) Courtesy British Museum © Trustees of the British Museum.
Keleketla! After School Program: The interdisciplinary concert conflated visual art, choral music, hip hop and contemporary dance in a public space. Photos: Kyle Ferguson
Daniel Leão. amérikari. Filmstill, 2015
Collective Identity. Action and image produced by teachers of the city of Caxias do Sul.
Cildo Meireles. Where’s Amarildo? 2014. Photo: Pat Kilgore
¡Nopasaran! Vinegar Syndrome, 2014. Film still
31st Bienal de Sao Paulo – Artworks. Untitled installation of Comboio Project and the Moinho Vivo Movement. Photo documentation of the works on display at the 31st Bienal. Sao Paulo, 11/11/2014. © Leo Eloy / Fundação Bienal de São Paulo.
Vinyl Artwork (unknown author) as part of Atelier Public #2. Photo: Emma Balkind

Jessica Gogan
Luiz Guilherme Vergara

Think Piece
“Notes on the Contemporary”
Peter Pál Pelbart

Case Studies (National)
Crabs & Butterflies

  • Introduction and video: “Crabs & Butterflies”
  • Barbara Szaniecki: “Insertions of the Multitude in the Metropolis and… our Museums”
  • “Crabs, Butterflies, Enigmas, & Banquets: A Conversation with Eugenio Valdés Figueroa”

The Meanings of the Meaning of Publicness in Art

  • Introduction and video: “The Meanings of the Meaning of Publicness in Art”
  • Diana Kolker Carneiro da Cunha: “A Web Full of Knots and Us: The Sense of Public in the Forming of Mediators at the Mercosul Biennial
  • Mônica Hoff: “Publicness at Mercosul Biennial: The Biennial as School, the City as Curriculum”
  • Rafael Silveira (Rafa Éis): “Poetic Resurgences: the Tides Program and the City”

Multiple Forms of Making and Knowledge

  • Introduction and videos (Part 1 and Part 2): “Multiple Forms of Making and Knowledge”
  • Daniel Leão: Amérikari
  • José Rufino: “Feast”
  • Leonardo Guelman and Nuno Sacramento: “From the Phenomenology of the Encounter to Transnarration.”

Case Studies (International)
Atelier Public, GoMA, Glasgow, Scotland

  • Katie Bruce with Brian Hartley and t s Beall: “On Curating in Public – an experiment”
  • Alex Hetherington: “Modern Edinburgh Film School, The Silver River”
  • A Discussion Between Emma Balkind and Anthony Schrag: “The Negotiation is Not Over: The Institution as Artist (The public was only an artist for three months)”
  • Katie Bruce, with Hans Clausen and Sarah Barr: “The institution as Material – a Project in Process”

Keleketla Library, Johannesburg, South Africa

  • k!kollage (excerpts, revisions and citations from texts written by/about/for Keleketla!): “Keleketla! Library: Overview”
  • k!kollage (excerpts, revisions and citations from texts written by/about/for Keleketla!): “After School Program (2008–Present) Access to the use of literature, arts and media tools for education & life”
  • “Dance is also a form of knowledge: Rangoato Hlasane in conversation with Mysterious Creatures Dance Fusion (MCDF) with Rangoato Hlasane and MCDF (Nqobile Khumalo, Neo Doctor Ncube, Wesley Hlongwane, Andile Nzuza, and Invention Ramaisa)”

Article: “For a Politics of Counterpimping”
Rodrigo Nunes

Video Interview: “Reconfiguring the Public”
Danilo Streck

Photo Essay: Vinegar Syndrome
Collective ¡NoPasaran!

Cariri Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste
Casa Daros
Glasgow Museum of Art (GoMA)

Keleketla! Library
9th Mercosul Biennial
Scottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW)

Copy Editing
Itamar Rigueira Jr. (Portuguese)
Sherrie Flick (English)

Jessica Gogan (Portuguese to English)
Marise Barros (English to Portuguese)

Additional Translation
Carolina Alfaro de Carvalho (Portuguese to English: Interview Danilo Streck)
Joana Bergman (Spanish to Portuguese: “Crabs, Butterflies, Enigmas and Banquets: A Conversation with Eugenio Valdés Figueroa”)
Tobi Maier (Portuguese to English: Sections of Peter Pál Pelbart’s think piece)

Camera & Editing
Chloé Le Prunennec (Assistant: Amérikari and Multiple Forms of Making and Knowledge)
Daniel Leão (Amérikari and Multiple Forms of Making and Knowledge)
Leandro Almeida (The Meanings of Publicness in Art and Interview Danilo Streck: Reconfiguring the Public)

This magazine would not be have been possible without the wonderful generosity of all of the contributors and the collaboration of many organizations and individuals. We are extremely grateful to:

André de Oliveira, Alex Hetherington, Anthony Schrag, Azougue, Barbara Szaniecki, Bia Jabor, Brian Hartley, Casa Daros, Cariri Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste, Cesinha Oiticica Filho, Chloé Le Prunennec, Collective ¡NoPasaran!, Daniel Leão, Danilo Streck, Diana Kolker, Dupla Design, Editions Arachneen, Emma Balkind, Eugenio Valdés Figueroa, Felipe Caixeta, Felipe Moreno, Fundação Bienal do Mercosul, 31st São Paulo Biennial, Gabriela Silva, Glasgow Museum of Modern Art, Hans Clausen, Jacqueline Medeiros, José Rufino, Katie Bruce, Keleketla! Library, Leandro Almeida, Leonardo Guelman, Leticia Verona, Mônica Hoff, Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói (MAC), Mysterious Creatures Dance Fusion (Nqobile Khumalo, Neo Doctor Ncube, Wesley Hlongwane, Andile Nzuza e Invention Ramaisa), Nuno Sacramento, OEI and Jonas (J) Magnusson/Cecília Groenberg, Paulo Hauss, Peter Pál Pelbart, Rafael Silveira (Rafa Éis), Rangoato Hlasane, Renata Montechiare, Roberta Condeixa, Rodrigo Nunes, Sandra Alvarez de Toledo, Sarah Barr, Sergio Cohn, Taisa Moreno, Thierry Boccon-Gibod, t s Beall, Tobi Maier, Universidade Federal Fluminense, and Xico Chaves.

A special thanks also to the participants in the regional encounters of the Publicness in Art project: the names and acknowledgments appear in the credits of the introductions of each case study and in the video credits.

Additionally, we would like to thank the editors and collaborators who contributed and granted permission to use images for Danilo Streck’s video interview: Alberto Bittencourt and Rejane Dias – Grupo Autêntica; Anderson Fernandes de Alencar – Instituto Paulo Freire; Andreia Amaral and Leonardo Figueiredo – Editora Record; Claudio Dias – Secretaria de Comunicação do Rio Grande do Sul; Centro de Estudios y Publicaciones; Cortez Editora; Desde Abajo; Dr. Enrique Dussel; Editora UNIJUÍ; Editora Vozes; Editorial Fontamara; Fondo de Cultura Económica; Fundación Biblioteca Ayacucho; Hugo Marroquín – Grupo Planeta; Janaína Uemura – Fórum Social Mundial; Kappa Delta Pi – International Honor Society in Education; L&PM Editores; Leandro Almeida; Secretaria do Planejamento, Gestão e Participação Cidadã do Rio Grande do Sul; and The Royal Library.

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