Mesa magazine

Revista MESA is a bilingual (English and Portuguese) digital periodical published biannually by Instituto MESA. The magazine explores the complex interchanges between art and society with a particular focus on contemporary ethical and aesthetic paradigms and practices that traverse the fields of art, curatorship and education. Featuring critical articles, “think piece” contributions, Brazilian and international case studies, videos, interviews and photographic essays, MESA presents critical reflections on art and society that draw on the experience of professionals working in the field–artists, curators, educators, researchers, and activists–and on research from a broad range of disciplines: art history, Latin American studies, museum studies, education, anthropology, sociology, geography, and philosophy. With a national and international circulation MESA seeks to be a catalyst and conduit for dialogue exploring contemporary critical and creative practices in their distinct contexts, formats and situations. Revista MESA editors: Jessica Gogan and Luiz Guilherme Vergara with guest editors, contributing authors and collaborators on each issue.

Issue no. 1:
Territories and Practices in Process


Issue no. 2:
Poetic Spaces = Ethical Languages: Diverse Practices in Latin America


Issue no. 3:
Publicness in Art


Issue no. 4:
Past as blueprint hybrid practices / Limit Zones


Issue no. 5:
Care as Method


Issue no. 6:
Hidden Lives