Frederico Morais Critical texts (1968-1975)

Livro TEE

In 2017, the MESA Institute launched the book “Domingos da criação: A poetic collection of the experimental in art and education” organized by Jessica Gogan in collaboration with the critic and curator Frederico Morais. The book is conceived as an “archive book” in order to generate a platform for reflection on Sundays and their expanded meanings of art and education in the contemporary world.

As a result, during the pandemic, a group of artists, educators and curators from Latin America began a collective process of translating and investigating Frederico’s critical texts, with the support of Fundacion Jumex.

At the invitation of Jessica and Mônica Hoff, “el group of Sundays” is formed by Ignacia Biskupovic, Renata Cervetto, Lola Malavasi, Nicolás Pradilla and Mariela Richmond. In 2021, we launched the website, with texts by Frederico translated by the group, in addition to several critical and poetic interventions. Now, we are very happy to launch a book including these texts and others from the time, all unpublished in Spanish.

The book is a co-publication with Taller Ediciones Econômicas in Mexico and MESA and was produced thanks to the support of the Jumex Contemporary Art Foundation in collaboration with TEOR/éTica and the Salvador Allende Solidarity Museum. Gratitude to “El Grupo de Domingos” and a special thanks to Nicolás Pradilla and always to Frederico Morais.