Manifestação na Maré 02.06.2013_Foto de AF Rodrigues_104 AF Rodriguez/Imagens do Povo, Street Protest in Maré, 2013

Credits & Acknowledgements

Revista MESA

Jessica Gogan
Luiz Guilherme Vergara

Jessica Gogan

Executive Producer
Sabrina Curi

Editorial Assistant
Taisa Moreno

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MESA Visual Identity
Dupla design

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Bárbara Chataignier

1st Issue: Territories and Practices in Process

Cover Images
José Rufino. Memorabilia (polyptych), 2010. Acrylic ink silkscreens on old lined notepaper combining handwritten statements, impressions, poems, notes, documents, and forms collected from patients, caregivers, staff, and researchers affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh Alzheimer Disease Research Center. Prints are overlaid with monotype tempera and acrylic Rorschach-style inkblots created in partnership with the artist, several patients and their families and affiliated ADRC staff. Photo: Richard Stoner

Documentation of the installation TheAnimalSusPensiveOntheLandGenscape by students in the photography course at Spectaculu – School of Art and Technology. Leopoldina station, Rio de Janeiro, September 26th, 2012. Photos: Kelly Malheiros. In partnership with Spectaculu.

Leonardo Guelman. The House of Miracles, 2013

Ratão Diniz/Imagens do Povo, 2009

Jessica Gogan
Luiz Guilherme Vergara

Think Piece
Tania Rivera
“Art in the World”

National Case Studies

8th Mercosul Biennial

Jessica Gogan and Luiz Guilherme Vergara
“A Collection of Multiple Voices: The 8th Mercosul Biennial and Pedagogy in an Expanded Field”

“A Collection of Multiple Voices: Encounters with the 8th Mercosul Biennial”

André de Oliveira

Leandro Almeida

Carolina Alfaro de Carvalho

Encounters with Ernesto Neto’s work TheAnimalSusPensiveOntheLandGenscape, 2012

“Creatures made by us”

Anita Sobar
“Pearl Diver”

Bernardo Zabalaga
“The Body of an Encounter”

Bianca Bernardo
“The Body of Memories: Affective Bonds Stitched in the Time we are Together: Papel Pinel visita oBichoSuspensoNaPaisaGen TheAnimalSusPensiveOntheLandGenscape

Virgínia Kastrup
“Becoming and Aesthetic Accessibility: A Guided Experience with the Blind and Seeing”

International Case Studies

Deveron Arts
Claudia Zeiske
“The Town is the Venue: Art, Community and Place”

Scottish Sculpture Workshop
Nuno Sacramento
“Makers’ Meal and the Production of the New Common”

Jessica Gogan
Curare: José Rufino Blots & Figments

Photo Essay
Leonardo Guelman
“The Unique World of the House of Miracles”

Vídeo Interview
“The Authentic New Carioca” with Jailson de Souza e Silva

Photography: Imagens do Povo
AF Rodrigues
Bira Carvalho
Elisângela Leite
Fábio Caffé
Fagner França
Ingrid Cristina
JV Santos
Léo Lima
Léo Melo
Márcia Farias
Monara Barreto
Naldinho Lourenço
Nando Dias
Paulo Barros
Ratão Diniz
Rovena Rosa
Rosilene Miliotti
Rubia Pella
Thiago Diniz
Vitor Madeira

Additional Photography
Travessias: Gabi Carrera and Janis Clémen
MAC: Maria Ignês Guimarães and Roberta Condeixa
MAM: Jessica Gogan and Marta Mestre

Camera and Editing
Leandro Almeida

Carolina Alfaro de Carvalho

Copy Editing
Itamar Rigueira Jr. (Portuguese)
Sherrie Flick (English)
Additional copy editing (Portuguese): Luiza Toschi

Jessica Gogan (Portuguese to English)
Marise Barros (English to Portuguese)
Steve Berg (English to Portuguese/José Rufino article)

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André de Oliveira, André Dunham Maciel Siaines de Castro, Anita Sobar, Artist Image Resource, Ateliê José Rufino, Automática, Bernardo Zabalaga, Bianca Bernardo, Caliban Books, Carmen Riquelme, Centro Municipal de Arte Hélio Oiticica, Claudia Zeiske, Dupla design, Embaixada do Brasil em Washington D.C., Erika Tambke, Ernesto Neto, Gustavo Cruz Ferraz, Esther Marco Wenna, Fábio Caffé, Fred Evans, Heather White, Imagens do Povo, Instituto Benjamin Constant, Janis Clémen, Jailson de Souza e Silva, Joana Mazza, John Schulman, José Rufino, Leandro Almeida, Leonardo Guelman, Liane Strapazzon, Maria Ignês Guimarães, Marta Mestre, Mônica Hoff, Pablo Heguera, Curatorial and Pedagogic teams of the 8th Mercosul Biennial and all involved in the project “A collection of multiple voices” (Alissa Gottfried, Alexia Tala, André da Rocha, André Vilmar Mers, Andréa Paiva Nunes Andressa Argenta, Denis Fromer Nicola, Diana Kolker Carneiro da Cunha, Emanuel Silveira Alves, Ethiene Nachtigall, Fernanda Albuquerque, Fernanda Ott, Gabriel Bartz, Gabriela Silva, Greg Pierce, Julia Coelho, José Roca, Liane Strapazzon, Luiza Mendonça, Lucas Brolese, Márcia Tomaseli, Márcia Wander, Maria Aparecida Aliano Marques, Maria Helena Gaidzinski, Marilia Schmitt Fernandes, Marizangela Secco, Marlene Montagner, Mateo Lopez, Michele Zgiet, Oliver Kochta, Paula Cristina Luersen, Paula Krause, Rafael Silveira, Rodrigo Nunes, Roger Kichalowsky, Tatiana Rosa, Tiago Giora), Paulo Hauss, Núcleo de Pesquisa Cognição & Coletivos (NUCC)/UFRJ, Nuno Sacramento, Observatório de Favelas, Papel Pinel, The Andy Warhol Museum (especially Abby Franzen Sheehan, Eric Shiner, Greg Burchard and Tresa Varner), Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro (MAM), Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói (MAC), Ratão Diniz, Renata Montechiare, Robert Beckman, Roberta Condeixa, Spectaculu, Tania Rivera, Terence Smith, Thomas Sokolowski, Universidade Federal Fluminense, University of Pittsburgh Alzheimer Disease Research Center (especially Jennifer Lingler, Judith Saxton, Leslie Dunn, MaryAnn Oakley, Oscar Lopez and Rick Morycz, patients and caregivers Donna and Lee Strawbridge and Nancy Stabryla and all the team involved Beth Sarles, Lori Macedonia, Patty Henderson and Thomas Baumgartner), Center for Bioethics and Health Law, University of Pittsburgh Center for Latin American Studies (especially Kathleen DeWalt), Global Academic Partnership Initiative sponsored by Office of the Provost, Global Studies Program, and University Center for International Studies, and School of Medicine (especially Dr. Arthur S. Levine and Margaret McDonald), Virgínia Kastrup and Xico Chaves.